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Ulmus americana (Fr: orme d'Amérique | En: American elm)

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Once dominating the canopies of most urban centres in eastern North America its umbrella-like canopy often touching from each size of the street. This tree was greatly reduced in numbers during the 1970s when a fungus colloquially known as "dutch elm disease" (DED) decimated populations of American elm. Since then these trees have made a remarkable come back, even if they still sometimes die from the disease.

Locally, the largest remaining of these trees is located in old Aylmer, just across the street from the old courthouse. Some of these trees grown are sourced from seeds of these few remaining giants, in hope that their offspring may be more resistant to DED. 

American elm is a fast growing tree that can easily grow two meters in a single year, from experience, only the great eastern cottonwood seems to outpace it. 

It is a great tree for wildlife, with many birds and mammals feeding off of the small seeds it produces and many butterflies and moths using it as a host plant. 

Height: 30 meters

Habitat: flood plains, near streams,

Sun requirements: full sun

Moisture requirements: moderate to wet

Soil requirements: various