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Rhus typhina (Fr: sumac vinaigrier | En: staghorn sumac)

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The staghorn sumac is a very attractive small tree. Its compound leaves give it a tropical appearence. Its foliage is especially nice in autumn when it turns an increadibly vibrant red. Its fuzzy red berries help it visually intresting throughout the winter. These berries are not only great for birds and other wildlife but can be used as a citrus-like spice to flavour foods or make pink lemonade. However make sure you harvest early in the season as the berries are often filled with worms by late summer. 

This tree grows fast and provides an excellent canopy for shade. 

This plant spreads vigorously by rhizomes (roots) to form colonies. If this is not desired it can be readily maintained by periodically mowing or cutting new shoots. 

Habitat: Disturbed soils, rocky areas

Sun requirements: Full Sun

Moisture requirements: dry to moderate, intolerant of wet poor draining soils

Soil requirements: various