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Erythronium americanum (Fr: érythrone d'Amérique| En: Yellow Trout Lily)

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This spring ephemeral is one of the most ubiquitous spring flowers, at our nursery it is a colony forming plant and carpets dozens of acres of red maple forest. 

Its mottled leaves are beautiful even when the plant is not flowering. This is a good trait as in shady areas only a small share will flower in any given year, though more will if given more sun. The flowers themselves have two forms with either yellow or orange anthers, there has been research on this trait and apparently the two attract different pollinators. As such this may be an example of a species beginning to separate. 

This plant is available as bulbs in bags of 5 bulbs. They can be planted at any time but should not be allowed to dry out.

Height: 10-15 cm

Flowering: April-June

Habitat: Deciduous forests

Sun requirements: Full Shade, Part shade

Moisture requirements: Moderate

Soil requirements: Rich