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Solidago gigantea (Fr: verge d'or géante | En: giant goldenrod)

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I consider Giant goldenrod to be one of the most attractive goldenrods. It has some of the largest flower heads of goldenrods making it very showy, it also has a glaucous (blue-grey) coating on its stems which also add to the showiness of the plant.

Compared with the closely related Tall goldenrod (Solidago altissima), it prefers somewhat more moisture and can tolerate periodic flooding better. As with other goldenrods, it is a heavyweight when it comes to supporting pollinators and other insects, with these goldenrods having hundreds of species that rely on goldenrods. 

Habitat: Meadows, alvars, riversides

Sun requirements: Full Sun

Moisture requirements: Moderate to moist

Soil requirements: Various