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Argentina anserina (Fr: potentille ansérine | En: silverweed)

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 Argentina aserina is a beautiful groundcover that is common to many beaches in the northern hemisphere. While found exclusively on shorelines in the wild, it grows quite readily in garden settings. It spreads in the same method as strawberries do, by stolons (runners), in this way it can rapidly travel across a garden or lawn over the course of a year. However it is quite easy to manage if it travels where one does not want it, because of these stolons.

Argentina aserina can tolerate some mowing (on high settings) and is excellent to mix into lawns. I find it looks exceptionally nice when combined with field strawberries (Fragaria virginiana).

 Height: 5-15 cm

Flowering: May to September (sporadic)

Habitat: Sandy or rocky shorelines

Sun requirements: full sun

Moisture requirements: moist to dry

Soil requirements: variable, can tolerate poor soils