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Circaea canadensis (Fr: circée du Canada | En: broad-leaved enchanter's nightshade)

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Enchanter's nightshade isn't a nightshade, but I'd argue it is indeed enchanting. Its small dainty white flowers are pretty and attract numerous small beers and other small pollinators. Its foliage is also a quite attractive shade of green. 

Since this plant does best in partly shady to shaded areas, consider planting en mass in the shaded part of your yard where other plants may struggle to grow.

It also spreads quite vigorously by roots and seeds, as such it can sometimes out compete invasive weeds such as Periwinkle and Goutweed.  

Height: 0.5 meters

Flowering: June to August

Habitat: Forests, wetland margins

Sun requirements: Part shade, shade

Moisture requirements: moist to moderate

Soil requirements: variable