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Picea glauca (Fr: épinette blanche | En: white spruce)

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The white spruce is our most common spruce tree, it is a quite northern species, infact being the most northern tree recorded in North America. However, its range reaches a southern limit not too far from here. As such, with global warming this species may become rarer in our region. 

It is a great alternative to plant instead of the exotic but commonly planted Blue Spruce and Norway spruce. It is tolerant of many soil conditions and is also fairly shade tolerant.

The fresh buds of white spruce have been historically harvested to flavour beer in place of hops or to create the sprucebeer softdrink. Some people even pickle and eat spruce tips. The tree is also sometimes used as a Christmas tree as it has a seemingly perfect form and a beautiful blue-green colour of its needles.

Height: 15 to 40 meters

Habitat: Boreal forest, riparian areas

Sun requirements: Shade tolerant

Moisture requirements: moderate to moist

Soil requirements: various