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Onoclea sensibilis (Fr: Onoclée sensible | En: Sensitive fern)

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Onoclea sensibilis, commonly known as Sensitive Fern, is a native fern species to North America. It's a large, graceful fern with delicate, feathery fronds that provide a tropical feel to the garden. This fern is perfect for adding texture and interest to shady areas in the landscape.

Habitat: Onoclea sensibilis is commonly found growing in moist, shady woodlands and is hardy in USDA zones 3-8. It's well suited for areas with high humidity and rainfall, making it an excellent choice for gardeners in areas with a similar climate.

Sun Requirements: This fern requires partial to full shade to thrive. Direct sun exposure can cause the delicate fronds to scorch.

Moisture Requirements: Onoclea sensibilis requires consistently moist soil, so it's important to water the plant regularly, especially during dry spells. A mulch layer can also help retain moisture in the soil.

Soil Requirements: This fern prefers rich, organic soils with a neutral to slightly acidic pH. 

Height and Spread: Onoclea sensibilis can reach a height of 2-3 feet with a spread of 2-3 feet. It spreads by roots and forms large colonies over time, creating a dense mass of fronds in the landscape.