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Pinus strobus (Fr: pin blanc | En: Eastern White Pine)

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Description: A truly majestic tree with its straight trunk and horizontal branches creating a pagoda-like appearance. Before colonization and the start of the timber trade, these trees reached immense proportions and were the largest trees in our valley, historically reaching heights more than 40 meters. 

This tree is commonly used as a symbol being the provincial tree of Ontario. Further it is considered the tree of peace among the Haudenosaunee, its bunches of five needles symbolizing the comming together of the original five nations. Further details can be read here: The Great Tree of Peace (Skaęhetsiˀkona)

This tree is immensely important for all sorts of wildlife. The cones and the seeds within feed numerous song birds and small mammals such as pine squirrels and chipmunks. Many insects including butterflies and beetles, feed on all parts of the tree including the needles, the bark and cones. Several of these insects species feed exclusively on Eastern white pine such as Callophrys niphon, the 

Habitat: Rock barrens, sandy areas, savannah,

Sun requirements: Full Sun, part sun

Moisture requirements: dry to moderate, intolerant of wet poor draining soils

Soil requirements: alkaline to acidic, more common on acidic soil