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Potentilla simplex (Fr: potentille simple | En: old field cinquefoil)

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Potentilla simplex, also known as old field cinquefoil, is a can be found in sandy meadows and open habitats throughout the Ottawa Valley. It produces bright yellow flowers that bloom from late-spring to mid-summer, adding a cheerful burst of colour to natural areas and gardens.

Habitat: old field cinquefoil is a species of sandy meadows and open habitats and is relatively uncommon in Quebec. It is well adapted to dry, well-drained soils and can be found in a variety of open habitats, from prairies to rocky outcroppings.

Sun requirements: old field cinquefoil prefers full sun.

Moisture requirements: This plant is drought-tolerant and will grow in well-drained soils. It should not be planted in standing water or soils that are constantly wet.

Soil requirements: old field cinquefoil is adaptable to a range of soils but prefers sandy, well-drained soils that are high in organic matter. It will tolerate soils that are neutral to acidic but will not tolerate poorly drained soils.

Height and spread: old field cinquefoil typically reaches a height of 10-30 cm with a longer spread of 20-30 cm. It spreads by stolons, making it an excellent choice for naturalizing in yards and sandy areas.