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Antennaria howellii (Fr: antennaire de Howell | En: Small Pussytoes)

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One of our most common species of pussytoes, this small perennial flower is perfect for rock gardens and urban settings. It is quite drought tolerant and can be found on shallow rock where temperatures can reach extremes of 60 Celsius. As such it is a great candidate to plant in dry urban areas next to concrete, or rock gardens. 

These plants are colony forming with a large majority of plants being female. The female flowers are more spike shaped while the male flowers are more umbrella shaped.

Antennaria species support a number of butterflies and moths including Vanessa virginiensis (American painted lady)

Growth habit: short, colony forming

Bloom: April to June

Habitat: Sand dunes, alvars, rock barrens

Sun requirements: Full Sun

Moisture requirements: Dry

Soil requirements: Sand or rock