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Fragaria virginiana (Fr: fraisier des champs | En: Field Strawberry)

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One of our two species of strawberries, this one as its name "field strawberry" suggests, is better at growing in open fields. It excels in sandy and rocky soils with full sun. 

It spreads quite vigorously by stolons, I've seen one plant give dozens more in a year in the right conditions. This combined with its naturally short height and tolerance to being stepped on makes it an excellent ground cover and lawn alternative

we have at least two different subspecies of Fragaria virginiana in our region. They are believed to have started form different ice age refugia, and now their ranges overlap.  I believe these ones are Fragaria virginiana subsp. virginiana but I hope to also offer Fragaria virginiana subsp. glauca at a future date.

The strawberries are small, but edible strawberries. 

Habitat: Meadows, rock barrens, alvars, sand barrens, shorelines, mowed yards. 

Sun requirements: Full sun

Moisture requirements: Somewhat drought tolerant

Soil requirements: Any