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Claytosmunda claytoniana (Fr: osmonde de Clayton | En: Interrupted fern)

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Interrupted Fern, is a distinctive and captivating fern species. Belonging to the Osmundaceae family, this fern is renowned for its unique appearance characterized by fronds interrupted by distinctive fertile segments along the midrib. Its scientific name, Claytosmunda Claytoniana doubly honors the botanist John Clayton (1686-1773). 

I truly feel like I'm in Jurassic park when I am in an meadow or forest full of Interrupted ferns, and for good reason. Fossils of interrupted fern have have been dated to 200 million years before present, which is the exact same time the Jurassic period commenced . 

Soil Requirements: Interrupted Ferns thrive in consistently moist environments. They prefer soil that is rich in organic matter and well-drained. 

Sun Requirements: Interrupted Ferns exhibit a preference for partial to full shade. They are naturally found in woodland areas where they receive dappled sunlight or filtered light through the canopy. They can tolerate full sunlight if their high moisture requirements are met.