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Rudbeckia hirta (Fr: rudbeckie hérissée | En: black-eyed Susan)

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Renowned for their yellow petals and black centres, some naturally occurring ones have yellow and green centres, such as some of those growing naturally in our sand meadows of our nursery.

Rudbeckia hirta are reputedly adventive here in the Ottawa Valley, potentially moving from a few hundred kilometers south and west such as Southern Ontario and parts of Vermont and New York. However, near-native coneflower one is most likely to encounter in meadows and on forest edges and support a wide variety of native pollinators and other insects.

They are perennial flowers, reportedly short lived, but the many of our nursery’s mother plants are going on their fifth year.  These are easy to grow and a staple for urban gardens as they like disturbed soils.

Height: 0.5 meters

Bloom: June to September

Sun: full sun to part shade

Moisture: dry to medium

Soil: various