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Amelanchier arborea (Fr: amélanchier arbre | En: downy serviceberry)

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The downy serviceberry is the most tree like of the saskatoonberry genus regularly growing up to 10 meters tall and sometimes much taller. Aside from its size, it is also distinctive downy fuzz on its leaves that is most noticeable in spring. It gives the tree a shimmering appearance that enhance its attractive white flowers. 

The berries of this species are edible like others in the genus with this one having a reportedly drier taste. However, as this one is a tree, it is likely that many will be going to the birds once this tree matures. While this tree can produce a lot of fruit, I see little fall to the ground as the harvest is quickly taken by birds. 

Habitat: deciduous

Sun requirements: Full Sun, part shade

Moisture requirements: moderate

Soil requirements: various