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Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (Fr: aster latériflore | En: Calico aster, one-sided aster)

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This aster has a such a beautiful and unique form, as its scientific name suggests its flowers often appearing on side side of the branch, with the branches sticking out at an almost perfectly horizontal level. In nature I usually encounter this one at either in forest openings or at the edge of a mixed deciduous forests.

This unique form combined with the huge numbers of small white flowers with yellow and mauve centres makes it a a great choice to add variety to a fall garden, it is quite adaptable and generally easy to grow in most settings. However if you nurture this plant like you would a cultivated plant, it can grow to enormous proportions of up to 1.5 meters, instead of the roughly 30 cm one usually encounters it at. 

Sun: Sun to shade

Moisture: dry to moist

Height: 30cm- 1.5meters

Soil: various