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Sorbus americana (Fr: sorbier d'Amérique | En: American mountain-ash)

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Sorbus americana, commonly known as American mountain ash or American rowan is a small tree that typically grows to a height of 5-10 meters, forming an upright and rounded crown.

This tree features attractive compound leaves with 9-15 leaflets, which turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow in the autumn. In late spring to early summer, clusters of small white flowers appear, followed by bright red berries that persist into winter, providing a valuable food source for birds and wildlife.

Sorbus americana thrives in a variety of soil types but prefers moist, well-drained conditions. It adapts well to full sun or partial shade and is relatively low-maintenance once established. This tree is known for its tolerance to cold climates, making it suitable for a wide range of regions.

American mountain ash adds ornamental value to landscapes with its attractive foliage, flowers, and berries. It also supports biodiversity by attracting birds, such as cedar waxwings and thrushes, that feed on its berries. 

Habitat: Forests, meadows, marshes, prairies, road sides, early succession farmland

Moisture requirements: moderate

Sun requirements: part sun

Soil requirements: tolerant of many conditions