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Betula papyrifera (Fr: Bouleau à papier | En: Paper Birch)

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Widely admired for its white paper bark, the paper birch is a quick growing and showy tree. In the wild it is an early succession tree that is often the first to grow after a major disturbance opens up a habitat, such as forest fires. As such it is a great choice for yards that are often feature disturbed soils. 

The tree has numerous uses, its white bark being used for artwork, canoes, weaving into baskets, and more. While its wood has most often been used for popsicle sticks but also furniture and as a veneer. The tree can also be tapped in spring for sap which can be boiled down into birch syrup.

Young trees start with a brown bark that will turn its usual paper white after about 3-4 years. 

Height: 20 meters

Habitat: mixed and boreal forests

Sun requirements: full sun

Moisture requirements: various

Soil requirements: various