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Salix bebbiana (Fr: saule de Bebb | En: Bebb's willow)

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One of our more common willows, this bush or small tree if commonly found in wet meadows, marshes, however it can also tolerate areas that suffer periodic droughts such as dry sandy areas and rocky soils. 

Bebb's willow supports a large array of wildlife, willows are some of the first plants to flower in spring and are a major source of nectar for pollinators in early spring. It also supports many gall forming insects, such as Willow pine cone galls, which resemble pine cones. 

Its wood is prized as "diamond wood" which is quite colourful and used for wood carving. Its branches have also been used for weaving. 

Habitat: Marshes, wet meadows, riversides, rock barrens flood plains

Sun requirements: Full Sun, part shade

Moisture requirements: Moderate to wet

Soil requirements: Various