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Elymus hystrix (Fr: élyme étalé | En: bottlebrush rye)

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An ideal grass wooded areas as it is more tolerant of shade than many grasses, however it can also thrive in sunnier conditions. Its iconic brush look of its grains can form nice bunches that rarely surpass one meter. 

Bottlebrush Grass is a valuable plant for wildlife, providing cover and nesting sites for birds and other small animals. The seed heads provide a food source for birds and other wildlife throughout the fall and winter.

The plant has a deep root system that makes it drought-tolerant and an excellent choice for erosion control.

This plant is considered uncommon in Quebec and finds itself near the limit of its range here in the Ottawa Valley. 

Height: 0.5 meters with stem up to 1 meter.

Sun: full sun to shade

Moisture: moist to moderate

Soil: rich organic soils, rocky soils